Farmers For Forests
There are fewer than 32,000 elephants left in India. Support our new elephant program in Gadchiroli here!
Grow Forests

We are delighted that you are considering donating to Farmers for Forests.

Your donation makes a big difference in our fight against climate change and its devastating impact on India’s vulnerable farmer, tribal and rural communities.

Forests can play an important role in mitigating climate change at scale. Yet, for decades, India’s forest cover has remained stagnant around the 21% mark. We are also experiencing a significant problem of land degradation.

Forests are one of the most important ecosystems on which we depend on for our survival. They provide carbon sequestration, freshwater, soil conservation, climate regulation, and biodiversity.

Your donation will help us continue to provide humanity these important ecosystem services, as well as contribute to India’s Paris Agreement commitment of creating a carbon sink of 2.5-3 billion tonnes by 2030.

Donate to help us grow forests in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra

(INR 200/tree)

  • Please Note
  • - You will receive a unique tracking no. via email within 2 weeks of your donation that can be used to track status and details of your trees (location, quarterly drone footage, species, details on farmer/landowner, and satellite data on tree health)
  • - You will receive a personalized certificate once the order is processed
  • - 100% of the proceeds go towards afforestation
  • - You will receive invoice via email within 1 week of your donation
  • - Once donation is processed, we are unable to refund