Farmers For Forests
There are fewer than 32,000 elephants left in India. Support our new elephant program in Gadchiroli here!
Our Values

1. Planet is priority:

Our planet is teetering on the edge of a climate precipice. Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are now higher than they have been in 400,000 years [1]. Anthropogenic activities, habit loss and climate change are putting unprecedented pressures on the plants and animals we share our planet with. Some studies predict that 30 to 50 percent of all species could go extinct by 2050 [2]. Everything we do is driven by our sincere and focused desire to create a more livable world and improve people’s lives. All our decision-making and on-the-ground actions will be primarily motivated by this overarching objective.

2. Impact focused:

Any success we claim will be based on measures of outcomes, not inputs or activities. We want to know what tangible difference our actions is making on the ground, if at all. While we understand how complex and resource-intensive it can be, we’re not here to take any short-cuts or contribute to any “impact washing.” True positive change can only happen if we measure what actually matters.

3. Out of many, we are one:

We’re proud to be a diverse collection of people that bring different life and work experiences, world views, backgrounds, and technical skills to this organization. However, from these myriad identities emerges a singular identity and priority- to become, and encourage others to become, effective climate stewards of our communities. This allows us to debate even divergent ideas candidly and respectfully, as we keep this priority in the forefront of all our conversations.

4. Collaboration:

Nobody has a monopoly on knowledge and “what works,” including us. We recognize we’re working in a burgeoning space that needs advocates and skeptics alike to make it better. We actively seek out individuals and organizations to work with us, as long as their ultimate goal is the same as ours- to improve the status-quo.

5. Be rigorously curious:

We’re purposefully un-dogmatic. We’re not tied to any specific ideology or models. We’re solely driven by a need to find new, innovative solutions to unsolved problems that are backed by rigorous data and evidence. That can only happen in environments where listening, questioning and critical thinking is encouraged. We strive to create such environments for ourselves and all our stakeholders