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There are fewer than 32,000 elephants left in India. Support our new elephant program in Gadchiroli here!
Protect Forests

We are delighted that you are considering donating to Farmers for Forests.

Your donation makes a big difference in our fight against climate change and its devastating impact on India’s vulnerable farmer, tribal and rural communities.

Forests are one of the best resources we have to fight climate change, given its ability capacity absorb large amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

However, when cut or burnt, the very same forests become carbon emitters, instead of carbon absorbers.

Over the last few decades, India has made very little progress in reducing deforestation rates. This is largely due to poor rural and farmer communities having to choose between conserving forests on their land or cutting them down and selling the wood in order to feed their families.

As one of the very few, if not only, organisation working to prevent deforestation in India, your donation is critical in our efforts to stop deforestation, while supporting rural communities and helping them become India’s “climate stewards” of the future.

Donate to help us reduce deforestation in Raigad District of Maharashtra:


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