Farmers For Forests
There are fewer than 32,000 elephants left in India. Support our new elephant program in Gadchiroli here!
Mission and Vision
Forests are critical not only to the survival of all species, human and
otherwise, but for the very survival of the planet. Yet we are losing
forests to deforestation and climate change-induced wildfires every year at unprecedented scale

When a tree is burnt or cut down, not only does it lose its carbon storage
potential, the carbon it stores gets released into the atmosphere. We are
turing one of the best tools we have in our arsenal to fight climate
change into climate change exacerbators.

Deforestation and land degradation is also devastating the livehoods of
rural and tribal communities.
Farmers for Forests is on a quest to protect and increase India’s
biodiverse forest cover in close partnership with rural communities
Combat impact of climate
change on environmental
and human well-being by
increasing India’s natural
and biodiverse forest cover
Incentivize farmers to
protect exiting and grow
new forests on barren land
to improve local ecology
and generate income
Increase India’s forest cover
through afforestation and reforestation programs to contribute to India’s Paris
Agreement target of creating
2.5-3 billion tonnes equivalent
carbon sink by 2030
Prevent deforestation
by compensating farmers to
protect existing forest cover
Develop environmental stewardship
by encouraging increased
participation of local
communities and farmers in
environmental protection
Build a knowledge base
on the payments for ecosystem
services model to advance
forest-driven climate change
mitigation programs and policies